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"I really appreciate your music! Please continue giving us those brilliant poems
combined with clear sound. Greetings from Germany!" - Florian

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David Elias - Lost in the Green, coffeehouse acoustic debut album  'The Window', Special CD Edition with 'Vision of Her'  'XING' live acoustic trio session, pure natural no-bull recording, no effects  'Live in San Gregorio' with the CasualTees (feat. John Havard, Roger Powell, Scott Beynon, Charlie Naztke, Reid Dennis, Gary McArthur)  'The Blue Planet' all instruments by David Elias  'Half An Hour Away' live theater performance acoustic trio (feat. Gary McArthur, Lisa Kelly)  'Voice Memo: Songs from Hawaii' 30 tracks of tunes and songs written and recorded as a songwriter diary

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David Elias 'The Window', Native DSD Studio Master Download    David Elias ' Crossing' Native DSD Studio Master Download    David Elias - Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions, Native DSD Studio Master Download    David Elias - Slipper DSD Sessions, Native DSD Studio Master Download

Feature Interview with David Elias by The Witchdoctor in New Zealand

"The High Resolution Musician" by Dr. Richard Varey

David Elias - Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1, Native DSD Studio Master Download

"Anyone serious about experiencing realistic recorded music reproduction should hear David’s high definition albums on a high performance playback system."

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"Morning Light/Western Town" from the "Crossing" SACD

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"As usual your music makes me always so quiet, so at ease as almost no other music can.Thank God for your talent." - Gert, The Netherlands

"I really appreciate your music! Please continue giving us those brilliant poems combined with clear sound. Greetings from Germany!" - Florian, Germany

"Never have I enjoyed nor experienced from music what you were able to do and communicate through your heartfelt expressions. Well done! Congratulations...Each track seemed to take you on a journey ultimately yielding to an experience of its very own. The lyrics expressed through the music combined left me in a place of awe. " - Doug L, underground 1960's FM DJ, Berkeley

"I am now on my second listen [Crossing] and the sound quality is glorious. Your voice sounds close miked? Your voice also sounds similar to Chris Rea's. My wife also mentioned this! It is a wonderful album, chilled and mostly laid back, and your voice, guitars and percussion all sound very natural with classy musicianship." - Jonathan, UK

"Id already got the DSD download [Slipper DSD Sessions: And The Bit Goes On], and bought this MQA version to compare them. They are subtly different, both excellent. I’m playing the MQA back through an ordinary dac (not MQA enabled), but even so, the quality at 24/44.1 and 1419kbps was way above what would be expected. It seems the reviews of MQA timing accuracy delivering superb quality even without MQA decoders were correct." - David C., UK

"Truly fantastic master, [Acoustic Trio] hints of the typical audiophile presence bump but nonetheless free of grain and exaggeration. After scouring hundreds of famous recordings these are one of the five albums I find truly worthy as a reference. Beautiful composition, effortless vocals, keep up the great work!" - Xiaorong Y. on Bandcamp

"Every 'great' recording requires 'great' music, and that's what this disc [The Window] is all about. The result can truly be considered a work of greatness. From the moment the disc begins, one is instantly grabbed by the intimate soundstage; Elias sings the majority of lines no louder than a whisper, almost as if all the songs are lullabies, but it sounds as if he's doing so while sitting on your lap, such is the feeling of a real, confined acoustic space and a close proximity to the performers. The experience is startling, even to a hardened listener such as myself." - Stuart Robinson - High Fidelity Review

"This was my first purchase of David's work [Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions] and there's not a track I don't love.. The lack of that PCM 'compressed' sound with the DSD recording and the 'Live' feel he manages to achieve make this an outstanding album. Outstanding! :)" - Simon B., Australia

"From the first note, it's apparent that this [Crossing] is an extraordinary recording...This is intelligent and melodic pop folk-rock, and Elias's singing is honest and tuneful." - Kal Rubinson, Stereophile Magazine.

"What excellent compositions [Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions]…exceptional performances…and rich, harmonic, organic sound, as natural and mellow via DSD as one could wish...10 stars...Love it, big time" - Dr. David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback Online

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Crossing (Remastered) - 352.8k https://tidal.com/album/79022611
The Window (Remastered ) - 352.8k https://tidal.com/album/92407200
Half An Hour Away (Remastered) -  44.1k https://tidal.com/album/93110612
Time Forgets (Remastered) - 44.1k https://tidal.com/album/92943096
The Toll Road (Remastered), single 44.1k https://tidal.com/album/91545097
Lost in the Green - 44.1k https://tidal.com/album/72050409
Angelo (Spontaneous Acoustic) EP - 44.1k https://tidal.com/album/69457307

Complete Artist Catalog on TIDAL is here:


"I don't know how you did it, cause technically its not possible, but it sounds higher res than a CD - Its awesome quality music too." - Fiona Joy, Blue Coast SACD/DSD recording artist, Grammy Winner

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David Elias - Top 10 Spotify Tracks

David Elias Radio on Spotify

This Is David Elias (Spotify) 

This is David Elias - Created by Spotify

Fingerstyle Guitar Songs

The Low Side Of The Road

DE's Coffeehouse Playlist #2

Songs Of Love & Love Lost

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"There is nothing like great music, except great music in a superb quality." - Erik N., Denmark

David Elias Self-Produced Videos
  YouTube Channel ...

"I've been an audiophile since before they even called it that. My love for music led me into things that allowed me to be involved with the industry in many other ways besides actually being a musician.

First let me say you are one very talented musician. Aside from the recording the two downloads [Crossing, and Acoustic Trio] I bought were outstanding just thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. I love the soulful way you play the guitar and your lyrics are incredibly powerful.

The unique thing is that there wasn't one song I didn't enjoy as much as the other. That's never happened to me before. I've always had 2 or 3 songs I like as opposed to everything else on the recordings I bought or listened to. I was really blown away! Every track had its own unique journey.

I use the word journey because that's what it felt like. Each track seemed to take you on a journey ultimately yielding to an experience of its very own. The lyrics expressed through the music combined left me in a place of awe. Seriously each taking ahold of me leading on to a fulfilling emotional experience. Each unique and distinct from the other but always creating a hunger for more.

I got to tell you I've been an audiophile for 40 years (I'm 65). Never have I enjoyed nor experienced from music what you were able to do and communicate through your heartfelt expressions. Well done! Congratulations." - Doug L, underground FM DJ in Berkeley in the 60's...


- DE

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Tom Petty ~ 1950 - 2017 ~ Aloha Nui Loa
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out of the sky
into my heart
into my life..."
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